Perro Tureco

El Perro Tureco stopped at times to pursue the famous "El Silbón", illustrious character of the Venezuelan imagery to become a representative anthology of Venezuelan  comics, involving the visions of Venezuelan and Latin American artists, cartoonists, designers, and how many people exist within the scope of the construction of images. Arises again from its founders … Continue reading Perro Tureco

Bolibomba Sin Azucar, Hierba y Mora

Recently I made an entertained work of art direction for Pronto Publicidad and the advertising agency Publicis, an amused video of internal trade marketing for Bolibomba, a local bubble gum mark, leaves from the transnational company Nestle in Venezuela, was a laborious work of animation 3D done by the Pronto boys, in addition of the … Continue reading Bolibomba Sin Azucar, Hierba y Mora