Gustavo Rugeles and I (P3P510) we were invited to participate in the edition #5 of the Italian magazine of art FEFÈ, the concept of this edition was “It Wasn´t Planned”

It was a difficult task to give a graphic concept to “IT WASN’T PLANNED” due to the several meanings of the expression itself.

We thought about some keywords to develop this graphic proposal and we came up with a question: -How do we propose something that WASN’T PLANNED? – Precisely, every design work requires a previous plan before its execution but in many cases, we may come across unexpected things or elements beyond our prevision that change our initial plan and the conditions of the same. These events are also part of what we have planned. If we take all these elements into account, we might say that every creative process allows a specific amount of surprise elements, by chance or by casualties within its execution, this appeals to us because unplanned situations always result to be more interesting and even better. There is a particular phrase from where we come which suggests that when an individual acts freely, just like water does, therefore water has not have a certain destination, it places on unexpected places adapting to the circumstances. We find a similarity in this perception.

The graphic proposal that we have developed makes use of the “surprise” concept confronted with the vision of a non-human character. He contemplates the city, with the feelings generated by his own will, as a result of the modern system of life that has nourished mankind. By using the word city we suggest a chaotic order, soaked.

We confronted the composition opposing two principal elements, the machine character and the city. On the one hand, we emphasize the unexpected feeling, the conscience and the reflection of the character, on the other hand the maximum result of the chaotic urban orders of the city.

Kumo.Z – P3P510


It Wasn´t Planned

FeFe cem 01

FeFe cem 02

FeFe cem 03

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