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Timotes is a small and very beautiful village in the mountains of the Venezuelan Andes, and is the source and inspiration for these pieces I did for a very dear friend.


An illustration I did for the venezuelan magazine of art and design Zipper.

Houdini Advect
Houdini Advect

an easy way to interpret the smoke in fluids and particles.

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Houdini Advect by Volumes

Exercises of “Advect by Volumes” in Houdini, an easy way to uses velocity volumes to move particles, these are some of the results, render with Arnold Renderer.

Jude Heart

This is an artwork for a girl I met some time ago, was someone special, pertinent at the time, and has the merit of being the first personal work in illustration made in more than two years.


This is a very personal work I did a few weeks ago, so personal that I did not think to publish it, but I think it’s worth show, hopefully with the permission of the owner.

Dragon Artwork

This is the model and some stills of what will be an upcoming animation, which I’m working, I wrote here a little more about the process: Dragon.