My friends of Calavera Comics were in the MoCCA Art Festival 2008, where they presented successfully Rudo #1, Rudo: Special Edition and Callinazo #1.

Timothy Callahan comment: Rudo #1, Rudo: Special Edition, and Gallinazo #1, from Calavera Comics. Alexis Ziritt draws like an angry Paul Pope, and the comics from this company are filled with drunken, gun-toting luchadores. Also Zombies and Dodge Chargers. These guys are still young, and they’re producing some cool comics already. I’ll be keeping an eye out for their future projects. Plus, no hentai fans at the table.

MoCCA Art Festival 2008

Calavera Comics

MoCCA 2008

MoCCA 2008

MoCCA 2008

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MoCCA Art Festival 2008:
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