Ayer revisando mis noticias en mi Google Reader me entere que otro de mis proyectos de Behance ha sido destacado en su Motion Graphics Served, lo que me alegro bastante el día, sobre todo porque es uno de mis trabajos favoritos, Venado, una animación experimental que hice basada en un trabajo muy personal, tanto que no tenia pensado publicarla, pero que bien que lo hice.

Aprovecho para republicar mis otras dos animaciones que habian sido destacadas anteriormente en el Motion Graphics Served, y espero que lo nuevo que se viene para esta primavera sea igualmente seleccionada.

Mis trabajos de Motion Graphics en mi Portafolio.
Mis trabajos de Motion Graphics en mi Blog.


Yesterday checking the news in my Google Reader I found out that another of my Behance projects have been featured in the Motion Graphics Served, made my day, especially because it´s one of my favorite works, Venado (deer), a experimental animation I made based on a very personal work, so personal that no thought publish it, but how good I did it.

Take this opportunity to republish my other two animations that had been featured before in the Motion Graphics Served, and I hope that the new is coming for this spring is also selected.

My Motion Graphics work in my Portfolio.
My Motion Graphics work in my Blog.

Venado on Motion Graphics Served. Experimental animation based on a series of illustrations I did.

P3P510 Presentation on Motion Graphics Served. A bumper featuring works of animation, video and photography.

P3P510 Bumper on Motion Graphics Served. An animation I made to place at the beginning of each one of my videos, a presentation of my logo, trying to imitate those used by movie studios.

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