Mekano Turbo is the new comic of Alexis Ziritt (Zircons) and Calavera Comics, an excellent compilation of stories of great artists from different corners of the world, Gustavo Rugeles, Bruno Orbit, Josh Argerstrand, Gimetzco, David Gibbons, Chris Marra, Zach Trova, and the cover by Bagger43.

“In the year 2493, Earth’s wealthiest citizens left the planet behind. To make sure the unwashed masses could not follow them to their new stellar utopia, these kings of men unleashed a virus that caused the complete collapse of modern technology. The result: War. Starvation. Plague. Mutation. The great powers were wiped out. Fifteen years later, roving gangs of marauders and thieves run roughshod over the Venezuelan Wastelands, fighting over society’s scraps in ancient petrol-burning automobiles and 200-year-old battle-robots. Into this blasted landscape drives a man with one eye. A man with no fear. A man with no friends. A man called…Tuerto.”


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