P3P510 Presentation

A new bumper featuring works of animation, art direction and photography. Illustration, motion graphics, art direction Direction & animation: Pablo E. Peña P. Shooting and photography: Gustavo Rugeles Music: Ampec Girl: Manuelita Rangel-Sosa Shoot on location: La Rochefoucauld, France P3P510 Presentation Portfolio P3P510 Presentation Vimeo P3P510 Presentation Behance P3P510 Presentation Flickr

Perro Tureco

El Perro Tureco stopped at times to pursue the famous "El Silbón", illustrious character of the Venezuelan imagery to become a representative anthology of Venezuelan  comics, involving the visions of Venezuelan and Latin American artists, cartoonists, designers, and how many people exist within the scope of the construction of images. Arises again from its founders … Continue reading Perro Tureco