P3P510 Presentation

A new bumper featuring works of animation, art direction and photography. Illustration, motion graphics, art direction Direction & animation: Pablo E. Peña P. Shooting and photography: Gustavo Rugeles Music: Ampec Girl: Manuelita Rangel-Sosa Shoot on location: La Rochefoucauld, France P3P510 Presentation Portfolio P3P510 Presentation Vimeo P3P510 Presentation Behance P3P510 Presentation Flickr

Bolibomba Sin Azucar, Hierba y Mora

Recently I made an entertained work of art direction for Pronto Publicidad and the advertising agency Publicis, an amused video of internal trade marketing for Bolibomba, a local bubble gum mark, leaves from the transnational company Nestle in Venezuela, was a laborious work of animation 3D done by the Pronto boys, in addition of the … Continue reading Bolibomba Sin Azucar, Hierba y Mora