My journeys across China

Streets of Beijing 2018

Amidst the temples and hutongs is the modern Beijing, the great architecture, the skyscrapers, the entire highway system, high technology and fashion, what truly makes it a world-class city, it is what I enjoy the most and where I spend most of my time.

Temples of Beijing 2018

I arrived in Beijing without plans, however I always had in mind that I would like go back to some places that had been my favorites, among them temples and others that had escaped me.

Hutongs Beijing 2018

The first thing I did was go back to the Hutongs, walk among the streets, the gray brick buildings, the traditional roofs, the mix between the historic Beijing and the modern Beijing.

Qianhai Lake 前海

One afternoon in one of my visits to the Hutongs I decided get by Shichahai, I took the road for the Qianhai Lake which led me directly to Nanluoguxiang.

Hong Kong 香港 on Film

Hong Kong is a paradise for analog photography, is a city where the film is as common as digital, and I love Hong Kong as seen in film