A Orillas del Apure

Almost 7 years ago I had made a trip along the north shore of the Apure River on the side of the state of Barinas, in the Venezuelan llanos (plains), was one of the first post I wrote on this blog (Los Llanos de Barinas), a very nice trip I did with my family, remembering a previous trip we took when I was a child, and to end the year I return to make the same trip, now with more experience as a photographer, and more experienced as a traveler.

Aprendiendo a tomar fotos de personas en el 2011

Mi fascinación por la fotografía viene desde siempre, desde muy niño mi papá siempre estaba tomandonos fotos, tenia una muy buena cámara Olympus OM-4 (la cual heredé mas adelante), en la casa teníamos un proyector de diapositivas y cientos de cuadritos transparentes para ver, en casa me movía entre lentes, rollos, negativos, álbumes, era increíble. … Continue reading Aprendiendo a tomar fotos de personas en el 2011

Button Factory at “Algún Lado”

A few weeks ago I was for two days taking pictures and recording videos in an artistic intervention of an abandoned buttons factory here in Buenos Aires, a great time, very good artist, very good place, with the best organization of the girls of "Algún Lado". Here some of the material of those days. Button … Continue reading Button Factory at “Algún Lado”

Cementerio La Recoleta

La Recoleta Cemetery is a famous cemetery located in the exclusive Recoleta neighbourhood ofBuenos Aires, Argentina. The layout of the cemetery was designed by the French engineerPróspero Catelin, and was remodeled in 1881, while Torcuato de Alvear was mayor of the city, by the Italian architect Juan Antonio Buschiazzo. The Cemetery includes graves of some of the most influential and … Continue reading Cementerio La Recoleta