El Perro Tureco stopped at times to pursue the famous “El Silbón”, illustrious character of the Venezuelan imagery to become a representative anthology of Venezuelan  comics, involving the visions of Venezuelan and Latin American artists, cartoonists, designers, and how many people exist within the scope of the construction of images.

Arises again from its founders the need, both as debt themselves, to see published one volume with the honors that he deserves the language of the comic, currently in this tropical land is scarce and thus we to fill this gap in the visual arts and graphics reinforce traditional cultural values that occur in Venezuela.

In short, PT is good to see printed in the mink role of artists and writers participating in it and want to perpetuate the graphic language.

It is an excuse to attract sequential graphic production, writing stories and literature if not enlightened.
Latin America is portraying through the chart.
Is to open a timeless space that allows to talk about what is happening at present.
It is a sort of treaty as a character vital. Is humanity.
Black and white, full machete.
Culture is to look through the comic.

PT now seeks to recover what has been sleeping in our Latin American culture, or as someone said at some point …. a culture indo-european-afro-american…

PT is Comic, and Comic is culture. Is to meet again after so long, joking and kicking ass. Is the use of a particular language, funny words, past tone, strong, heavy… in some ways a tribute to the story with sequential images.

¨We must create a world between two screams.¨
Over and out.

Perro Tureco


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