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I return to the graphics arts after almost 4 years with this studio in motion design, a challenge of my skills, seeking renew my knowledge and a update on new techniques.
I’m have a new online store with the first collection of posters based on my case study in motion design, I hope you were interested in having some of the pieces at home.
Un trabajo fotográfico explorando los carnavales en Guanare, una de las expresiones culturales más importantes de mi ciudad natal, un trabajo que terminó siendo un despertar personal.
This work has always been about aesthetics, myself, color, form, and space, an approach from the photography, a different technique to what has been my way as a visual artist.
This May I was traveling to New York, and I try to capture some of this experience in the city through the photos, something more intimate and more urban.
The beginning of my trip to China, my arrival and the first encounter with Chinese culture in the Hutongs 胡同.
My visit to the Lama Temple 雍和宫 in Beijing 北京.
Primer trailer, un adelanto del documental y demás material audiovisual que realizamos en México.
Hong Kong is a paradise for analog photography, is a city where the film is as common as digital, and I love Hong Kong as seen in film.
A illustration I did for an art and design Venezuelan magazine, returning to my favorite robot.
My little story in search of the Venezuelan coffee.
The Forbidden City It was one of the best places I’ve been in China and I should not have waited so long to visit it.
Doing a pre tour looking locations for a project I was working led me to the Socialist Production Unit “Domador Pineda” in Venezuela.
Timotes is beautiful village in the mountains of the Venezuelan Andes, and is the inspiration for these pieces I did for a friend.
Celebrating the life and work of one of my favorite artists.
Sham Shui Po 深水埗, is a working class area, famous for its electronics market second hand a delight to photograph, Hong Kong at its best.
In this the second tour I could enjoy more of the facilities, wander at will and shoot some more videos.
It was not until I be there that understood why this is considered the most important archaeological discovery of the twentieth century.

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